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Material Tables


Sawing Systems designs and integrates custom material handling solutions for many of our clients. One such solution is material tables. While we offer standard table units that rotate and tilt for our counter top equipment, many of our customer's need something a little more specialized.

The above picture is of a automated 10 ton turntable car that was built around the customer's existing machine. It is servo-driven on the gantry axis for precise positioning of the stone under the saw. The table top also rotates 90 degrees to allow the operator to make squaring cuts on the stone. This unit can be integrated with our new machines for automating the indexing process without operator input.

We also provide trolley systems to move material in and out of a fabrication line. Above, you can see a "train car" system that our engineers designed to bring precast material in from one building into another where the CNC saw was located. The system was integrated into the saw's controls so that after the cutting cycle was complete, the car returned the material to the other building.

Contact our sales staff for more information on integrated material handling systems for your new or existing fabrication equipment. Also, be sure to check out our barrel turnover units, custom conveyors, and block laydown units for complete line integration options.