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Diamond Wire Saws


For nearly 30 years, diamond wire has be the most practical method of extruding and slabbing natural stone materials. It is thinner than diamond blades and therefore generates less wasted material from clearing the kerf of the tool resulting in higher product yields. Diamond wire is cheaper than blades as well as easier to replace when it has been worn beyond use. Most wires can be replaced by the shop's maintenance department rather than having a technician service the tool as is the case of most diamond blade applications.

The configuration of our diamond wire saws allows for cutting of either 5' or 7' in depth, depending on the model purchased, in material that are 12' or 14' wide, respectively. Far beyond the capacity of any bridge saw. We build both a stationary unit with a turntable car provided; and a gantry model is also offered with gantry travel length provided per the customer's specifications.


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