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 Radial Arm Polishers

For over 60 years, radial arm polishers have been a valuable asset to shops in finishing slabs or correcting blemishes in parts to prevent loss. Over the past several years, tooling advances have enabled the use for these machines to expand, even for the small fabrication shops. Different finishes open up new product lines that set a fabricator apart from his competition. Check out our Surfacing Technology page to see what is available for top finishing on these machines. You can contact our sales staff at 1-865-525-0600 for information on which radial arm polisher would be right for your operation.

 Radial Arm Work Centers

Even in today's automation centered industry, there is still a large section of that industry that benefit from this proven machine line. With additions such as high speed spindles and pneumatic pressure systems, radial arm machines have become versatile fabrication systems that save shop owners both space and money. While they are still manual in operation, these units are designed to be used by entry level employees to allow shop owners to continue to use their skilled labor for more talent demanding tasks. With today's units, you can profile, mill, drill and polish with only one machine. Sawing Systems manufactures two units to cover a large variety of customers. Our Model 5RP is designed for the granite and marble fabricator while our 10RP is outfitted to fit limestone and sandstone applications. Contact our sales department at 1-865-525-0600 to discuss the capabilities of these machines and what they can do for your business.