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Stationary Ripping Saws


In certain applications, pushing the material through a stationary blade is the most efficient way to maximize output. We have developed several systems to allow fabricators to rip their material to the desired width by merely loading a feed conveyor and removing the cut product from the other end. Tread, sill, and block producers benefit from such a configuration. We also produce thin veneer processors using the same concepts. Maximum output with minimal effort. Contact our sales representatives for more information on these ripping units.

Sawing Systems has designed custom material handling solutions for all size operations to accommodate these machines. From 18" wide belt driven conveyors to 72" wide wood slat conveyors for extra heavy duty systems, we can customize the means to handle most any material of most any shape and size. We have developed "smart" conveying solutions that assist in maximizing output of the production lines. We also specialize in off loading or tipping apparatuses for variety of sizes. Contact a Sawing Systems sales representative to learn more about material handling solutions for your business. Also, check out our block laydown units and barrel turnover units to make your processing line as automated as possible. Contact us today at 1-865-525-0600 to discuss your options in integrated fabrication systems.