Designing Solutions for the Everyday Fabricator.

     Saw Automation

While we are known for our heavy-duty construction and optimal cutting speeds, Sawing Systems also offers an array of automation options on our machines. From a simple indexing package to a fully automated profiler to CNC, Sawing Systems has your shop covered in dependable automation. Find out how you can minimize production costs and operator errors by adding these options to your machine.

     Bear Claw Technology

Optimal cutting speed is all about torque not just the number of RPMs that your machine can produce. Our engineers have designed methods of delivering the maximum amount of torque to the blade without having to sacrifice the machines efficiency. Our 521-C is a prime example of this feature.

     Surfacing Technologies

Efficiently producing a polished or antiqued finish is all about the method and tooling used. Whether you are looking into our automated 541-CP or just need a radial arm machine to finish your tops, Sawing Systems has the tools to provide you with the best finish in the most cost effective way possible. From granite to concrete to engineered stone, we have you covered with the proper surfacing transmissions and tools for the job. Learn more about what we can offer you in equipment and tooling for your specific material.